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Score function: unable to open input_files/1qys.pdb

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Score function: unable to open input_files/1qys.pdb

Hello all, 

I am new to rosetta trying to follow the tutorials on line. I am currently working on with the mac binaries on MacOS mojave

Seems I cannot generate a score file in the working directory.

the following input is being done within source directory

INPUT: $ROSETTA3/bin/score_jd2.default.macosclangrelease -in:file:s input_files/1qys.pdb



ERROR: Cannot open file "input_files/1qys.pdb"

ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/import_pose/ line: 362

Error: [ ERROR ] ERROR: Exception caught by JobDistributor while trying to get pose from job '1qys_0001'

Error: [ ERROR ] Treating failure as bad input; canceling similar jobs


[ ERROR ]: Caught exception:



File: src/core/import_pose/

[ ERROR ] UtilityExitException

ERROR: Cannot open file "input_files/1qys.pdb"


thanks all,


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Tue, 2020-10-13 11:35

Rosetta will look for files based on the current working directory. My off-the-cuff guess is that your current working directory does not have an input_files directory, or if it does, it's missing the 1qys.pdb file.

If you do an `ls input_files/1qys.pdb` in the same directory you launched your score_jd2  is it able to find the file? If not, you'll either have to run Rosetta from a directory where it is present, or copy over the files from where they are to your working directory.

Tue, 2020-10-13 11:40