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I'm looking at the methods of the following paper:

Elife. 2017 Sep 19;6. pii: e28909. doi: 10.7554/eLife.28909.
Computational design of environmental sensors for the potent opioid fentanyl.
Bick MJ#1, Greisen PJ#1, Morey KJ2, Antunes MS2, La D1, Sankaran B3, Reymond L4,5, Johnsson K4,5, Medford JI2, Baker D1,6.

and trying to follow along (to eventually adapt it for my own work).

I've hit a snag at one of the commands:


I can't seem to find in either the rosetta_bin_linux_2016.32.58837 or rosetta_bin_linux_2017.52.59948 distributions. It's also not included with the PatchDock download. 

Does anyone know where to find this script?


Thanks in advance.

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Fri, 2018-03-30 10:31

I contacted some of the authors of the paper to see if they had the script. See attached.

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Tue, 2018-04-10 15:34